Our Mission

Seattle Browncoats Charities runs fund-raisers for other worthy nonprofits that are too small to do it themselves. We focus on those that protect nature, promote equality, fight violence, and foster education and health in our communities.

Seattle Browncoats Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization inspired by the work of Joss Whedon to support local, national, and international charities that promote equality, fight violence, protect nature, and encourage health and education. The organization will raise money and make other appropriate donations to charities and nonprofits by promoting fan participation in social and other activities.

Our desire is to focus on this mission as it pertains to the greater Puget Sound region.

Seattle Browncoats Charities rose out of the local Seattle Firefly social group and brings together science fiction and fantasy fans across the full spectrum of fandom. Each year, SB Charities teams with the Seattle Browncoats social group to manage the Can’t Stop the Serenity fund-raiser. This event features a screening of the film Serenity, a continuation of the TV series Firefly. Designed to raise money for the global charity Equality Now, CSTS events are held around the world; 2011 is the event’s sixth anniversary.

Our strength comes from the diversity of our friends and members who bring their own experiences and skills.

With our focus on Seattle, we can provide a stronger base for public outreach and community support by concentrating our resources where we can best evaluate their effectiveness. There are a lot of worthy organizations that work toward our same goals as stated above, and we want to support them as best we can.

Seattle and its surrounding communities are unique, as are their concerns and our ability to help.